The Southwest Ohio Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) was formed on June 2, 1993 upon petition to the Association’s Board of Regents by O.D. Cook, CFE; Edna B. Frezgi, CFE; Robert K. Nuzum, CFE; Richard S. Wade, CFE; Dean A. Tamplin, CFE; Larry R. Davis, CFE; Paul E. Gerlach, CFE; Paul R. Crisler, CFE; Tony L. Howard, CFE; and E. David Collins, CFE.  O.D. Cook, CFE was the first President of the Chapter, Robert K. Nuzum, CFE was the first Vice President; Edna B. Frezgi, CFE was the first Secretary / Treasurer.  The Chapter was based in Dayton, Ohio.

At some point after the initiation of the Southwest Ohio Chapter, the organization became inactive. The Southwest Ohio Chapter was “reactivated” in Cincinnati to replace the inactive Dayton-based Chapter.  Initial discussions between Larry Arszman, CFE, CPP and Jim Kuehn, CFE, CPP began during the summer of 1998.

The Association furnished rosters of people who had in the past expressed interest in fighting fraud or expressed interest specifically in the Association.  Members met frequently during the summer and fall of 1998 to build a foundation for the resurrection of the Southwest Ohio Chapter.

In December 1998, the Southwest Ohio Chapter held its initial business meeting and election of officers.

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